Beer Bike in Vienna

Beer Bike in Vienna

Keep Pedaling Gents!

Ride through Vienna while drinking 20 litres of beer. Do you think your stag party is up to the task? Find out now.

Why go to a normal pub when you can hop on board a moving pub? It’s time to put your and the lads on an endurance test like no other. All you have to do is pedal your way through the Austrian capital while the driver fills you up to the brim with beer. Is 20 litres enough for you? Because that’s what you have to get through within 90 minutes.

Our boozy bike is the ideal experience for you lads to get to know Vienna. Regardless of the time of year, you’re in for a blast.

What’s Included

  • 90 min. Beer Bike Tour
  • Driver
  • 20 l of Beer

What To Expect

Your beertastic experience will kick off at the start and end stations at the Gössereck in the Prater. In the summer months there may be restrictions on these stations over weekends. Be sure to arrive on time so you get to maximize your drinking time.

The bike itself holds 12 passengers, so it’s ideal for big groups of lads looking to get a bit boozed up. A driver will be allocated to your group to ensure to bring you past all of the city’s main attractions. Now, remember, unless you boys pedal, the vehicle won’t move. It’s all up to you.

Your local driver will bring you around the city on a fixed route. They know all of the best spots and know right well how to get the party started.

Any of your group members who are too lazy and do not want to pedal all the time can sit on the rear seat or on a side seat without a bottom bracket (max. four persons).

20 litres of beer will be provided to your group. You only have 90 minutes to get that down you, so the pressure is on. When finishing time starts to approach, you’ll be guided back to the finishing point.

Do you have more time in Vienna and are looking for more activities to treat your stag to? Great! Check out our bachelor city rally. Split up into teams and race around Vienna, attempting to crack code and solve challenges before the time runs out. What makes this even more enjoyable is that all of the tasks revolve around the groom himself. We’ll send you out a questionnaire before with questions about him so we can get this sorted before the day of the activity.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • If any group member shows signs of failure, the responsible driver is obligated to stop the tour for traffic and insurance reasons.
  • You’re not allowed to bring your own beverages on board. Only the consumption of beer provided by Pissup is permitted.
  • For your own safety, the drinking vessels are made of plastic.
  • There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. The large roof protects you very well from the rain. Once you bring a jacket along, you’ll be fine

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • A snack plate for you to devour some tasty bites on board.
  • A grill plate including homemade fruit schnapps.
  • Grilled chicken on a spit with fries.


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