Escape Game in Vienna

Pull Yourselves Together And Escape Before Time Runs Out!

Surround yourselves with perplexing puzzles and riddles. Solve them clue by clue before time runs out at the escape room in Vienna. Book for a stag do today.

You have 60 minutes to find out the room’s secrets: Don’t forget that time continues to tick away. Every person in the room must actively pursue the goal, or you could be stuck there forever. Think, search, discover, compare, combine, and never give up. Every second counts. Just remember, if you don’t get out before the time limit, you don’t know what will be waiting for you.

  • 1 hr. Escape Room

The escape room is situated in the city centre, so you’ll be able to either walk there or take a short ride on public transport. Don’t forget your thinking hats.

There will be two rooms available for you to choose from. See your options below.

  • Phobia is where a wealthy elderly man has been brutally robbed in the centre of Vienna. The robbers knew he would be carrying five hundred thousand euro in cash. Behind this savagery was the Italian Mafia. The elderly man decides to kidnap the daughter of the mafia boss in retaliation. The Italian boss needs a helping hand, so you lads will be the ones to help him get his daughter back. Do you think you’ll be able to recover the young girl before she vanishes away forever?

  • Mafia is similar to Phobia, where at the beginning, the old man gets his money stolen by the Italian Mafia, but instead of him stealing his daughter in retaliation, he hires your bachelor party to retrieve his stolen money. Your a group of private detectives that have to break into the Mafia’s hideout and try to retake the cash before it disappears into the air.

It’s entirely up to you which storyline you decide to go with. Each one lasts for 60 minutes and involves a variety of grueling challenges that require a lot of mental energy. You’re going to want to make sure that your team is on form and not too hungover for this one. It could be a matter of life or death.

This is an exciting activity that will surely test your patience and your friendships. If you do manage to make it out before the time runs out, you’re probably going to be starving, so arrange for the whole group to visit one of the city’s top steakhouses. Indulge in a freshly cooked rump steak served up with some delicious sides, such as a baked potato with sour cream, a fresh salad, and a well deserved beer.

  • Both games are different, so it’s possible for the group to play one after the other if they wish.
  • be sure to arrive 15 minutes before the activity begins.


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