Escape Room 2

Choose a room in one of the best escape service in Budapest, and try to solve all thema activities logically built up to be a part of a pleasuring erotic show.

Stag-do and Striptease show in an Escape Room!

How you ever been to an Escape Room? It’s a fantastic experience and it’s an extremely entertaining game!

You’ll find yourselves in a mysterious room with your friends where you have to solve different logical tasks, find hidden objects, decode secret codes so that you can move forward in the game until the last door opens. Be careful time’s a wasting! You only have 60 mins to complete the mission!

In this live 60 min adventure game 2-8 people in teams, by sharing the informations, the found objects in the room can help solve the codes, complete the mission all the while you’ll find out who can help the most in which scenarios to achieve success.

Adventure, challenge and mission in one, compete with time in the most exciting game!

Careful! Addiction danger! The game pulls you in from the first moment!

Harashow, and Locked Room are pumping up the party!

What’s Included

  • 12-15 min. Female striptease show
  • 60 min. escape room rent
  • optional dancer


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