Fat Show in Budapest

It’s Time The Stag Made His Fantasies Become Reality

Does your stag have a certain type of lady he likes? Book him a roly poly strip show with the XXL woman of his dreams in Budapest on his last night of freedom.

Organize for a drop dead gorgeous, extremely overweight stripper to arrive at a location of your choice around the Hungarian capital to give your stag the surprise of his life, a seductive fifteen minute dance that will remain in his dreams forever. Whether he’s sitting quietly in his hotel room watching television or at a hectic bar watching a football game minding his own business, she’ll make sure she’s there on time to satisfy the engaged man’s needs.

This overweight strip show stag activity is the ultimate prank for a cheeky chappy or can be an experience for someone who’s always wanted some time alone with a women a bit bigger than him. Whatever happens behind closed doors, let’s not make sure his fiance back home doesn’t find out about this dirty little secret.

What’s Included

  • 15 min. Roly-poly strip show
  • optional venue


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