Go Karting in Vienna

Eat, Sleep, Go Kart, Repeat!

Three, two, one, RACE! Speed through Vienna’s all new indoor go karting track against your stag party. A friendly bit of competition never hurt anyone.

Drive around a modern new go karting arena that’s over 4000 m2 and has two newly designed levels with dark tunnels, incredible inclines, and an extreme 205 degree curve. Compete for some great prizes, including certificates, medals, and the title of the race leader. Which one of you will be the one taking the winner’s trophy at the end?

  • 30 min. Gokarting
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
  • Medals and certificates

The go karting track is situated a little bit outside of the city centre, but it’s well connected with public transport.

Waiting for you at the arena will be an experienced instructor who will show you how to use the karts and go through a safety briefing with your bachelor party so you get a good understanding of how the vehicles operate.

The go karts are the only ones in Europe with a 200cm3 / 9 HP indoor racing engine, which has incredible power output with low weight. You’re going to feel like you’re in a Need For Speed movie.

Following the safety briefing, get yourselves in the go karts and prepare for the biggest race you’ve ever competed in. Remember, who ever comes last is going to take some slagging in the bar later that night.

There will be half an hour of racing time, so you can easily start off being in the last position and finish first. Never give up.

At the end of the race, there will be a finishing ceremony to award the winner with a medal and some certificates for second and third place. Unfortunately, the only prize the loser gets is having to buy a round of shots for the whole group — an unlucky man.

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  • Your group must have at least seven people in order for the go karting activity to go ahead.
  • Please plan to get there a bit earlier to get changed into your safety gear and go through the instructions on operating the go karts.
  • This activity is only available from Thursday to Sunday.
  • Anyone who’s not driving can watch the races from the Pit Stop Cafe at the track.


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