Lady Dwarf show

Unique striptease show featuring dwarf Lady!

Our unique striptease programme is available exclusively at our office. Do you want to make your friend’s bachelor party or birthday party really memorable? You won’t be disappointed with this programme, as you’ve never seen such a unique production anywhere else. Our Smurfette will treat your celebrant to a truly charming and high quality production.

The programme can be organised in a variety of venues, including our downtown venues, our party basement and our private boats.

The programme can also be arranged in a Surprise Show format, in which case one of our dancers of your choice will start the show with a spectacular striptease and then blindfold the celebrant. Dwarf Lady will then take over and when the blindfold comes off, the celebrant’s jaw is guaranteed to drop!

What’s Included

  • 12-15 min. striptease show
  • Optional costume
  • Optional venue


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