Shooting Range in Budapest

It can be a great activity on a stag-do, a present for birthday, or simply a great opportunity to meet with friends. Many types of gun are included in packages.

Everybody loves a good James Bond movie, right? Have you ever tried what it really feels like to shoot with a gun? It’s not as easy as it looks! You can find out if you really are as good a marksman as you think! We’ll take you to a real shooting range, where they will teach you how to use, hold, aim and shoot a gun. The package can even include a few specialties like: Dirty Harry Magnum, 0.44 or the AK47.

What’s Included

 Package 1:
  • 3 gun ( Ruger Mark IV, Gock 17, AK-47 )
  • 25 shooting/person
  • Budapest location

Package 2:

  • 4 gun ( Ruger Mark IV, Gock 17, Mossberg MMR,  AK-47 )
  • 40 shooting/person
  • Budapest location


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