Stag Arrest in Prague

Stag Arrest

Stag Arrest in Prague!

This classic stag do prank will turn his face white with fear!

A policeman will appear demanding to see the stag’s papers. When he doesn’t have the correct ones the cop makes his arrest, taking the poor bugger into a private room! But watch the stags face turn from horror to delight when the stripper appears.

What’s Included

  • HaraShow Guide
  • Table reservation
  • Stag Arrest Prank
  • 15 min. Strip Show
  • Fake Policemen

How it Works

A guide will meet your group at your hotel and take you to the venue (they’ll act like it’s a normal bar guide).

You’ll have a table reserved where your group will get 1 beer each. The “policeman” will shows up, checks the documents and “arrest” the stag – based on “problem” that has been discussed/agreed with the best man beforehand.

Then the policeman takes stag to a private room where the strip show takes place. The strip show will last for 15 minutes. To calm his nerves, after all that excitement, the stag will receive a free shot.

Why not prank the stag a bit more? Book our Rolly-Polly Strip Show and laugh while a huuuuuuge lady gets down and dirty with the poor stag.


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