Steak + Beer Dinner in Vienna

People Who Love Steak Are The Best Type Of People!

Indulge in a steak dinner to prepare you and the lads for the wild night of partying ahead in Vienna. Book for a stag do today.

Give your stag his favourite dish for his last meal. Treat him to a table reservation at one Vienna’s top steakhouses, known around the city for their juicy cuts and delicious sides. Gather around the table for a feast, and enjoy a succulent piece of steak, each combined with some mouthwatering sides and, of course, a local beer to wash it all down you. Everyone needs a bit of soakage before they start getting up to some mischief around the Bermuda Triangle, Vienna’s hectic nightlife district.

What’s Included

  • 120 min. Table reservation
  • Steak each
  • Baked potato with Sour Cream
  • Salad each
  • Bread
  • 0,5l Beer per pax

What To Expect

The steak restaurant that we’ll book you into is in the city centre near the Naschmarkt. It’s centrally located, so you’ll have no hassle trying to find it. This restaurant is well known for its excellent steaks with unique tastes. They come from cattle that live in the wild on lush pastures and fertile hills, so you’re guaranteed to be getting the good stuff, gents.

When you arrive at the restaurant, there will be a table reservation with your groom’s name on it. Find yourselves a seat and allow the banquet to be served up.

Everyone will get an ice cold 0.5 litre Stiegl Pils draught beer each. You can have this when you arrive or hold off until your meal is dropped to have it with it.

Each plate will have a 180 gram rump steak, premium cut from a young, hearty saddle of beer from the establishment’s own butcher. A fresh salad, bread, and a baked potato, with some sour cream, will be for your sides. Now, what are you waiting for, boys? Dig in!

The steakhouse reservation will last for two hours. Once your time is up, you’ll have to depart from the restaurant, sadly, but that’s only when the night is getting started for you. There are a couple of nice bars that are great for a couple of beers in the Naschmarkt before you start hitting the clubs later that night.

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